Patient Rights Association of Kosovo Visits Poland to Exchange Best Practices

In May 2024, representatives from the Patient Rights Association in Kosovo (PRAK), along with the Diabetes Association of Peja and the Hemophilia Association of Kosovo, visited Poland to exchange knowledge and best practices on patient rights and healthcare management. This visit, facilitated by the IHS Project, aims to expand capacities pf patient organizations in Kosovo and strengthen their cooperation.

On the first day, the delegation was welcomed by the Polish Deputy Minister of Health, Mr. Marek Kos, to discuss collaborative efforts with patient organizations. The visit also included a meeting with the Council of Patient Organizations, established by the Polish Ministry of Health, where the delegation observed initiatives to empower Polish patients in healthcare services.

Kosovo representatives met also with the Polish Patient Rights Ombudsman, Mr. Jarosław Fiks, and explored the mechanisms in place for monitoring patient rights. Mr. Jakub Adamski, Director of the Department of Cooperation, highlighted the importance of NGO partnerships and presented the Ombudsman’s role in assisting patients.

The third day featured a meeting with the Diabetes Association of Poland and a visit to an Asylum Center. These engagements provided insights into organizational methods and community awareness campaigns, offering valuable opportunities for the Kosovo associations to exchange experiences and enhance their own community activities.

“This visit to Poland was very valuable for our organizations. It allowed us to exchange critical insights and best practices with our Polish counterparts, enhancing our ability to advocate for patient rights and improve healthcare services in Kosovo. The knowledge gained and the relationships built here will undoubtedly strengthen our efforts to empower patients and ensure their voices are heard in the healthcare system,” said Agron Bytyqi, PRAK Board. 

This visit marks a significant step in strengthening international cooperation and improving patient rights advocacy for Kosovo’s organizations.