Workshop Series on Quality Management and Clinical Audits

A series of hospital visits and workshops focusing on enhancing healthcare quality management and clinical audits were held from 20-24 May 2024. Senior management and clinical staff from the General Hospitals of Gjakova and Peja, representatives from the Ministry of Health (MoH), and primary healthcare.

Led by Technical Expert Mihai Negrea, the visits to both hospitals had a clear focus. They reviewed the Quality Management System (QMS) framework and action plan, assessed progress and achievements, and facilitated comprehensive discussions on identifying areas for improvement and sharing best practices.

The workshops in Prishtina covered essential topics such as the importance of clinical audits in healthcare quality improvement, planning and conducting clinical audits, developing a health management training package, identifying learning objectives, and structuring the training module.

Key takeaways from these meetings and workshops include a clear plan for future actions and improvements. This collaborative effort not only provided a vital platform for knowledge sharing but also laid the groundwork for sustained improvements in healthcare quality management and clinical practices in Kosovo, promising better healthcare outcomes for the future.