Hospital Health Professionals Countering Disinformation

On 5 and 6 June 2024, healthcare professionals at the General Hospitals of Gjakova and Peja participated in engaging training sessions on the topic of countering health-related disinformation and misinformation. The primary goal of the sessions was to provide participants with the tools necessary to identify and counter false information, thereby improving health outcomes within the community.

The sessions focused on sharing effective strategies for discerning and challenging disinformation, the impact of disinformation on their work, institutional integrity, and public health. By further equipping patients and community members with these techniques, healthcare providers aim to foster a more informed and health-conscious public.

Vjosa Rama, a participant, highlighted the session’s practicality, stating, “The session elaborated how to identify disinformation in the media and social media, and the steps we can take to stay safe while receiving information.”