Patients' Voices Shape New Diabetes Management Software

In an interactive workshop held in Peja on 11 July 2024, a group of diabetes patients and their caregivers from both urban and rural areas of Peja gathered with experts from Swiss TPH, the Integrated Health Services (IHS) project, and Global CT Digital Kosovo. The purpose of the workshop was to elicit first-hand information from this group of end users of a software to be developed for the self-management of diabetes and hypertension. 

“This innovative tool aims to transform how patients manage their conditions, ultimately enhancing care quality, reducing hospital readmissions, and alleviating the burden of disease management,” said Dr. Ilir Mecini, Deputy Team Leader of IHS Project.

The workshop was a critical step in integrating valuable patient and caregiver perspectives into the software. These firsthand insights are essential to developing a user-friendly tool tailored to the real-world needs of its users. Participants learned about the current software architecture, providing constructive feedback and recommendations for refinement.

This approach underscores the importance of human-centred design, so that the final product truly resonates with its end-users. The expertise of Swiss TPH’s Digital Health Unit ensures the software aligns perfectly with the patients’ needs and expectations, to significantly advance diabetes care management.