Health Professionals Give Input for Software that Improves the Level of Care

A group of health professionals from the hospitals and main family medicine centres in Gjakova and Peja joined today a dynamic workshop about the design of a new software for self-management of diabetes and hypertension. The end-goal of the software of is to improve the level of care, reduce readmissions, and reduce the burden of care. 

Niman Bardhi, Ministry of Health, opened the session emphasizing that this innovative initiative facilitated by the Integrated Health Services (IHS) project is applicable across all levels of patient care. Dr. Lia Tavadze, IHS Team Leader, said that this activity brings innovative solutions for patients and health givers to better manage the conditions of diabetes and hypertension.

Facilitated by Global CT Digital Kosovo, the company that is developing the software, the workshop collected input about what information needed, how it should be collected and entered into the software, managed, so that the newly developed digital tools support patient pathways and result in a product that is helpful. Participants analysed the architecture of the software developed so far and provided suggestions to further improve it. 

The input from their perspective facilitated a human-centred design approach, ensuring that the software meets the needs and expectations of end-users effectively. The process is being supported by Swiss TPH experts from the Digital Health Unit.