Marking European Patients’ Rights Day

With the theme “Choosing Your Doctor, Everyone’s Right”, the Patients’ Rights Association of Kosovo (PRAK) marked the European Patients’ Rights Day with a roundtable discussion in Prishtina. PRAK also presented its findings of the survey on the selection of the family doctor process in Kosovo. 

“The choice of doctor is important for the patient. The family doctor treats the patient, monitors their health condition, decides whether they need further treatment, and directs the patient to the higher levels of health care,” said Fatmire Kollçaku, Chairperson of the Assembly Committee for Health and Social Welfare.

For Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Arsim Berisha, the fact that all stakeholders were present at the roundtable is a good indicator that the rights of patients are a common goal. “Respecting and empowering the role of patients to become decision-makers in health policies but also within health care is extremely important, above all, good communication between health workers and patients is of primary importance,” he said. 

The roundtable was supported by IHS and AQH projects as part of their support to patient empowerment initiatives in Kosovo. https://tinyurl.com/2p9pythv