Enhancing Patient Care by Streamlining Healthcare Services

“The Ministry of Health approved the Feasibility Report on Health Information System. This plan aims to guide the long-term consolidation of HIS and is an important reference for this piloting dimension,” said Dr. Besa Balidemaj-Llolluni, Chair of the Working Group on the Referral System between the Primary and Secondary Care Levels.

At the closing session of the working group, the commitment and contribution of members in laying the solid foundations for the transformation of healthcare delivery were summarized. The Ministry of Health recognized the need for a robust referral system to enhance patient care and streamline healthcare services. With Istog main family medicine centre and the General Hospital of Peja as our pilot site, the working group has elaborated this critical project, focusing on mapping existing referral systems to identify gaps, reviewing and improving referral arrangements, assessing the HIS system for technical enhancements, exploring integration into the E-Kosova platform, crafting a comprehensive work plan for Year 1, and supporting the MoH in establishing a Community of Practice.

The working group is comprised of ministry representatives, healthcare experts, and technical professionals.