Workshops to Explore Comprehensive Health Promotion and Patient Empowerment

Last week, the IHS project conducted two workshops with staff from the general hospitals of Peja and Gjakova with a focus on health promotion and patient empowerment. 

Facilitated by Oliver Gröne, PhD, CEO of the Secretariat of International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services, both workshops aimed to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary tools and insights to foster a patient-centered approach and promote community well-being.

Participants explored the concept’s various components and its profound impact on individual and community well-being, reflected on key areas for health promotion within hospital settings in Kosovo, exchanged ideas, and learned from successful case studies of comprehensive health promotion initiatives. The sessions underscored the significance of patient empowerment in healthcare and the role it plays in driving better health outcomes. 

The workshop concluded real scenarios and practical approaches selected to enhance knowledge and skills about integrating patient empowerment strategies into their daily practices. Apart from hospital staff, other participants represented the National Institute of Public Health, primary healthcare, and patient representatives.