Quality Improvement Projects to Bolster Hospital Dynamism

In session held at the General Hospital of Gjakova on 20-21 February 2024, the key topic was Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs), as a tool that supports the hospitals’ journey towards continuous improvement. 

Addressing the healthcare professionals who comprise the assigned team to work on QIPs, Manfred Zahorka, from Optimedis, an expert in quality standards, underscored the fundamental principle that guides QIPs: “Any QIP always starts from an existing standard or situation.”

He emphasized the cyclical nature of improvement, explaining that the process entails iterating through changes until each iteration surpasses the preceding standard. “Once the change becomes the standard, you start again. That is how improvement works,” he added, highlighting the perpetual journey towards excellence.

Central to the support provided by the IHS project is also the strengthening of hospital staff capacities in developing robust project proposals. By empowering healthcare professionals with these skills, the aim is to foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the General Hospital of Gjakova.

One of the initial projects is the construction of a multi-functional reception area at the hospital, which aligns with the goal of enhancing patient experience and streamlining operational efficiency and elevate the standard of care provided to patients.

Importantly, this initiative also aligns with the principles of health-promoting hospitals, aiming to create environments that promote health and well-being beyond just clinical treatment.