Enhancing Institutional Growth Through Partnerships

On 20 December 2023, the IHS project signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Chamber of Nurses, Midwives, and Other Healthcare Professionals in Kosovo (OIK). This MOU guides the institutional partnership between IHS and OIK, including a range of activites to be implemented through the project’s phase.

The main goal of the MOU is to support and enhance the institutional growth of OIK as a professional organization. The partnership’s focus areas include governance and operational performance efficiency of in relation to OIK services, efforts to further OIK contribution in legislative and policymaking processes, as well as advocating for the interests of nurses and advancing healthcare policy for the benefit of both the profession and patient care.

The MOU also outlines educational and training programs for OIK nurses, with the goal of enhancing professional skills and knowledge, as well as engaging in scientific research and publications. It also envisions the professional networking of OIK with an expanded focus on regional and international networks, along with increasing awareness and understanding of the nursing role in healthcare among the general public.