Second International Congress of Healthcare Professionals in Kosovo Wraps Up

The Second International Congress of Healthcare professionals with the title “Role, Importance, and Challenges in Advancing Professional Practices of the Health Professionals” was organized in Prishtina on 05-06 April 2024 by Kosovo Chamber of Nurses. It brought together health professionals from the region and around the world. During its proceedings, 45 scientific papers with findings in the health sector were presented. The congress was attended by some ten thousand nurses, midwives, and other health professionals, both with physical presence and online. 

The event was supported by the Integrated Health Services (IHS) project and Accessible Quality Healthcare (AQH) project. Below is the summary of key messages from the speech delivered on behalf of both projects by Fekrije Hasani, Senior Health Expert, IHS.


The theme of this congress captures the essence of our collective mission. I wish to emphasize three key aspects that resonate with our contribution to advancing healthcare in Kosovo and globally.

First and foremost, let us highlight the critical role of nurses in the development of healthcare for all. As the backbone of healthcare systems worldwide, nurses provide essential care and expertise to individuals and communities. Their role reaches into homes and communities shaping healthier, more resilient societies.

Secondly, nurses are key to placing patients at the centre of our healthcare through their holistic approach and dedication to the wellbeing of patients. Their work reminds us of the need to always prioritize those we serve, ensuring that every patient receives dignified, personalized care.

Lastly, I wish to underscore the importance of international networking in our pursuit of excellence in healthcare delivery. We live in an increasingly interconnected world, where health challenges go beyond borders and demand collaborative solutions. Cultivating international partnerships, sharing best practices, and learning from one another, we can drive innovation in healthcare and bring positive change.