IHS Launches Package of Specialized Nurse Training Programs to Enhance Clinical Supervision

This week, IHS launched in collaboration with the General Hospitals of Peja and Gjakova an accredited package of nurse training programs aimed at enhancing clinical supervision in healthcare. Developed on basis of the Training Needs Assessment for health professionals and accredited by the Chamber of Nurses of Kosovo, these programs offer 10 credit points each, ensuring recognized proficiency enhancement.

The curriculum of the programs is designed to enhance nursing standards. The initial phase targets approximately 400 nurses from the general hospitals of Peja and Gjakova. These sessions, running until the year’s end, align with accreditation guidelines and aim to empower nurses with practical insights. In Gjakova the focus is on clinical supervision, whereas in Peja the focus is on nursing care for patients with chronic diseases (diabetes and hypertension), and nursing care for patients with diabetic foot.

By fostering ongoing learning and professional development, IHS and the hospital management facilitate the progression of nursing practice, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.