Journalists to Foster Informed Public Discourse on Diabetes

On 19 – 20 April 2024, over twenty-three journalists engaged in a comprehensive two-day training session aimed at enhancing their capacity for responsible reporting on health issues, particularly diabetes. 

“Journalists serve as vital bridges between complex healthcare information and the general public. Their role in delivering accurate and insightful reporting on health issues cannot be overstated,” stated Laurent Torche from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Kosovo during his opening speech at the training program.

Led by experienced journalist and health communications expert Sokol Shameti, the training covered various topics including translating medical jargon into understandable news, maintaining accuracy and trustworthiness in health reporting, evaluating sources, and understanding the ethical aspects of health journalism. Participants shared their own experiences in reporting on health topics, shedding light on the stories behind the headlines.

“The training will be followed by three awards to be presented on November 14, 2024, World Diabetes Day, to recognize outstanding reporting on diabetes,” announced Getoarbë Mulliqi from the Association of Journalists of Kosovo. The goal of both the training and the award is to empower journalists to use their platforms responsibly, using journalism as a tool to inform and educate the public about diabetes and other health issues.

The training and award program were organized by the Integrated Health Services (IHS) and Accessible Quality Healthcare (AQH) projects, both joint initiatives of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Ministry of Health of Kosovo. The training was organized in collaboration with the Association of Journalists of Kosovo.