Workshops Contributing to Further Strengthening of the Chamber of Nurses

In November 2023, the Chamber of Nurses (CoN) of Kosovo organized two workshops aimed at discussing, reviewing and amending a set of crucial regulatory documents that guide the work of the chamber, bringing together over 80 nursing professionals, legal experts, and other stakeholders to deliberate on these crucial aspects that impact the operations of the chamber.

One workshop focused on documents pertaining to the continued professional education and reviewed in depth the needs for continued training of professional health workers. The other workshop dealt with key aspects of the Law, Statute, and regulations for licensing and re-licensing, ensuring that the CoN operates in adherence to legal frameworks and standards.

Both workshops provided a platform for CoN to exchange knowledge, and enhance collaborative efforts to further strengthen the institution, underscoring the key role nurses play in ensuring an efficient healthcare sector.

“The support of the IHS project is invaluable. It has brought about significant changes, increased our capacity to serve better, and further support the community we serve. We thank IHS project for being a dedicated partner in our vision for a better and just society,” said Nexhmije Gori, President of the Chamber of Kosovo after the workshop.

The strategic partnership between the IHS project and the CoN signifies commitment to advancing the nursing profession through enhancing the CoN’s governance structure and operational efficiency, and consequently, improving patient care in Kosovo.