Website Content on Focus for Gjakova Hospital Team

On 14 March 2024, a diverse team of the General Hospital of Gjakovë engaged in an interactive workshop focused on website content development. This workshop is part of the hospital’s efforts to modernize and provide more accessible information to patients and stakeholders.

The workshop aimed to equip hospital staff with essential techniques for crafting engaging and informative website content. Through lively discussions and hands-on activities, participants dealt with topics such as clear communication, patient-oriented messaging, and effective presentation of textual and visual content. They also explored strategies for outlining crucial information in a compelling manner and brainstormed ways to highlight the diverse range of services offered across different departments and clinics, considering what information would be most relevant and appealing to patients.

Equipped with enhanced skills and knowledge on website content development, the team will contribute to the development of a dynamic and user-friendly website for the hospital to be launched soon.