Two-Day Training to Enhance Healthcare Communication

On 27-28 February 2024, representatives of various healthcare sector institutions participated at a training aimed at exploring advanced techniques of effective and strategic public communication, public engagement, and crisis communications.

Facilitated by AQH and IHS projects, the training brought together representatives from the Ministry of Health, public hospitals, municipalities, and civil society organizations. The training session underscored the vital role of clear and transparent communication in fostering public trust, achieving policy objectives, and navigating challenges within the dynamic landscape of healthcare delivery. Participants explored best practices of strategic institutional communication and techniques for leveraging the power of social media to convey impactful messages. 

Commenting on the significance of the training, Naim Sahiti, Public Information Officer of the General Hospital of Peja emphasized, “The training was impeccably organized. The session on social networks was particularly impactful, offering valuable insights. Thanks to the training, I already proposed a comprehensive digital communication plan for 2024, integrating key areas highlighted during the session.”

Through concerted initiatives like these, AQH and IHS projects are committed to advancing accessibility, quality, and integration of healthcare services for all.