Workshop on Need Assessment for Health Workers at Hospital Level

Quality of care is the upmost goal for each health facility, and at hospital level it becomes even more critical due to the severe individuals’ health conditions and complex medical equipment and procedures applied. There are many intervention levels, to which we have currently privileged the enhancement of clinical and managerial skills of health workers.

A quick and systematic approach is to analyze the staff’s training needs in accordance to (i) current health services; (ii) desired quality standards; (iii) individual need perception for professional development. To facilitate the process, the IHS project organized a meeting with the Working Group members, representing the most relevant stakeholders to this objective: Ministry of Health, General Hospitals, Doctors’ Chamber, and Nurses’ Chamber. Participants were introduced to a questionnaire designed as the key needs assessment instrument. Their contributions helped complement and adapt the data-collection instrument in line with the focus of the assessment on non-communicable diseases, management, and clinical decision making, as well as hone additional methodological details of this survey.

The IHS project is a joint initiative of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Kosovo Ministry of Health, implemented by the Swiss TPH.