Review of Patient Booklets for Diabetes and Hypertension Management Concluded

At its meeting last week, the Working Group overseeing the development of patient booklets for diabetes mellitus and hypertension concluded its review. Dr. Merita Emini-Sadiku, the chairperson of the working group, highlighted the importance of these resources in empowering patients to better manage their conditions.

“Considering that diabetes and hypertension are chronic diseases, monitoring conditions and specialist visits for the assessment of their health status and chronic complications is of fundamental importance.”

The reviewed content of booklets aims at providing comprehensive guidance for patients. Adhering to the updated recommendations is optimal for disease control.

Dr. Emini-Sadiku talked about the broader impact of these initiatives on healthcare standards within the country. “We expect we will soon put the booklets into use by the patients, creating a new and contemporary standard at the country level regarding the control of the most common chronic diseases in the country, such as diabetes and hypertension,” she remarked.

These patient booklets promote proactive management of chronic diseases and represent a significant step forward in patient-centered care. The Working Group is established by the Ministry of Health.